EASE leadership conference 2019

With an extremely interesting subject, excellent speakers and the enthusiastic attendance of more than 500 delegates, this year’s EASE Leadership Conference celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Leading business and political figures, distinguished thinkers and academics, well-known leaderships and management theorists, CEOs of large enterprises and organizations from Greece and abroad, go up every year at the EASE Leadership Conference.

This year’s two-day concept titled “Paradigm Shift: Curiosity, Flexibility, Collaboration”. In the era of startups, flexible business models and disruptive innovation, the industrial leadership model has been overcome. Going through the paradigm shift period, in the platform of big data and the constant innovation of algorithms, the digital transformation, companies are called to be flexible and innovative.

Mr. Lefteris Papageorgiou, CEO of Entranet was one of the speakers at the session Leadership Experiences: Subversive Innovation and the Smart Enterprise.

Lana Popovic, President, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Business Unit, The Coca-Cola Company and Mr. Michael Tsamaz, Chairman and Managing Director of the OTE Group were the other two participants.

During his presentation Lefteris Papageorgiou shared his experiences and knowledge about aiming at the golden rules of business running.

by media@entranet