Startup Stories. Agility & Flexibility

Huge companies failed because they were too big to ”turn”. Because they were not flexible enough. Or because when they decided to do so, it was too late!

Being open to change is the one key element that can lead to success. Especially if you are a startup!

Did you know that Poseidon had to be agile and flexible as well?

Not many people know that, back in the old days, Poseidon was the God-protector of the bulls, the horses and the spring waters.

And then, things changed. Well, the era changed and people started fishing and building ships. Started to explore new lands.So, they needed a God protector as well.

Poseidon stepped up! (at least that’s the story I want to believe). Got his trident and became the protector of the seas. 

And he used technology as well!If you can recall, Poseidon was the protector of Atlantis as well.(that didn’t work out as planned though…)

More startup stories coming up!

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