The ancient Segesta story

Segesta (or Egesta), located in the north-west corner of Sicily, was an important trading town from the 7th century BCE onwards.

The temple at Segesta is something of an anomaly among Mediterranean temples, and its history involves one of the most disastrous events in the Peloponnesian War.

At first glance, the temple doesn’t seem too different from others. However, taking a closer look, the construction is unfinished;

There was no roof, any sort of deity dedication, an altar, or an interior room, nor even paint (nearly all Greco-Roman temples were painted).

Why did they do that?

You see they had a war with the neighboring Selinunte and they needed aid from Athens against them.

But they had to prove themselves first. They had to show worthy of the Athenians’ alliance.

So they constructed this temple away from the city, at a place that the Athenians could see it from their boat but far enough so they wouldn’t decide to visit it.

All major cities back then had a temple…

When the envoys arrived, they were treated to meals at the houses of various different citizens, and at each house there were golden plates and silverware. What the  Athenians didn’t know was that the Segestans would quickly wash off the dishes between houses and take them to the next house before the envoys arrived there.

Due to the city’s wealth show to them, in the large temple and the the golden ware, the Athenians agreed to assist them.

At this time, Athens was nearly fifteen years into their war with Sparta.

Many people say that this was the beginning of the end for the Peloponnesian Wars, simply because the Athenians had to split forces at 2 wars at the same time.

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