The best CEO’s I’ve ever met…

The best CEO’s I’ve ever met were the Renaissancean kind of people.

They worked 12 hours a day but the always had time to see a play, to talk to their kids, to read a book, to learn something new at every opportunity.

Yesterday – on the plane and on the way back from Cyprus – I read 2 books given to me by Michael Virardi (

What a gift! To be honest, I was too tired to keep on writing my second book and I was postponing it until… further notice!

Yesterday, I decided to take it on again. You could say that these books, gave me a boost!

The world is changing rapidly and the only way to be on top of things is to be agile. To be the easiest adoptable to change.

I will publish a podcast tomorrow about that.

So… as always, Stay Tuned!

by media@entranet