The importance of Preparation!

So, let’s suppose that you just convinced the Director of a huge company to give you a shot and present your product to him and his stuff!

Before you go… before you do anything else, prepare.

Who are the people that you will meet?

What is their position in the company?

Who is the real boss?

Which University did he go to?

Does he play tennis? Or maybe basketball?

Does he smoke?

How does he negotiate?

How is this company with their payments?

Check out the latest news for this company and the whole industry in general.

Also, pay attention to the timing issue.

Is this a good time for them?

Is this the time that they will set up their budget or did they spent it all for this year and you simply go there for social purposes?

But let’s suppose for a minute that you did all of the above.

Your next job is to find out the place of the meeting.

Do they have a projector?

Can you connect it to your laptop or should you have a USB with you?

What if you have a Mac?

Do they have an HDMI connection or should you have with you a VGA adaptor?

Well, I cannot stress this point enough.

The great preparation is of huge importance for anybody, even for athletes!

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