the seminar

Seminar for startups and entrepreneurs

Emerging Business Intelligence:

from the Idea to the Global Market

Lefteris Papageorgiou


Why do some companies succeed and others fail after a short period?

Why some companies attract money from investors, while others are constantly being discarded?

Who can say if a product will be successful or not?

Is there a road map to success?

After 20 years of entrepreneurship and 17 ventures in 5 countries, my main conclusion seems to be that the right decisions and actions of an entrepreneur may not have the same positive effect on someone else’s case. They may not even had or have a positive impact on the same company six months before or a year after. Paradoxically, however, mistakes are common to everyone. And they are countless!

These common mistakes are linked to certain failure.
In this respect, this seminar focuses on key factors that will enhance entrepreneurs with smart ideas to avoid traps and increase their chances to make their ideas global business ventures.

This seminar is for

  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring start uppers
  • People willing to take on entrepreneurship
  • Teams of people that have an idea and want to upgrade it to the global market level, but also,
  • Experienced entrepreneurs looking for different approaches and ways to further develop their company
  • It is also ideal for all those that are interested in understanding how the market works

  • If you know the rules of the game, you can play better than anyone. You may even change them.

The purpose of this seminar

is to help participants to:

  • Understand how the market works.
  • Improve entrepreneurial skills.
  • Prepare for the worse entrepreneurial circumstances.
  • Learn to recognize the situations that lead to fatal errors.
  • Develop the ability to survive in difficult business environments.
  • Learn the golden entrepreneurship rules.