the workshop

Workshop for companies and executives

Embracing the digitalization

Scott Smith of AT&T put it this way,
«You can go out to the street and hire for the skills,
but we all know that the supply for technical talent is limited, and everybody is going after it.
Or you can step up and reskill your existing workforce to fill the gap»
Lefteris Papageorgiou


Once upon a time «business as usual» was good enough. Not anymore!
In the coming decade we will all experience major technological achievements.

Today, Science Fiction becomes Science Fact!

In a world where everything is smart and connected, where products and services are following the digital trends in an instant, the only space left for companies to innovate in, is their people!
The way we work will never be the same again.
The skills we will need in the new market era are a lot different from the ones we possess today.
In order to be able to address these challenges, companies have to have answers for the following questions
  • Which parts of this digital evolution will affect their industry?
  • In what way will their customers’ behavior change?
  • Is there room for change in the existing business models?

This workshop is for

  • Teams that are looking for a different approach to develop their work, their tools, their efficiency.
  • It is also ideal for all those that are interested in understanding how the market works today and the ways this will change in the near future.
Because if you know the rules of the game, you can play better than anyone; you may even change them.

The purpose of this workshop

is to help participants to:

  • Develop the ability to survive in the new digitally-advanced market era
  • Increase corporate and personal profitability
  • Strengthen their executives’ position in the company and the market
  • Develop new products and services


  • Storytelling
  • Case studies
  • Simulation exercises
  • Take-away tool kit